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Arc Community Swivel Chair With Arm Tablet

Arc Community Swivel Chair With Arm Tablet

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The Arc Community Swivel has been designed to be highly mobile and collaborative, as well as act as a personal workspace with an arm tablet. This educational swivel chair features a curved back design for optimal comfort and support, and is equipped with a personal workspace tablet for added convenience. The 5 castors provide easy mobility and maneuverability, while the ISO 14001 Certification ensures that this chair is environmentally friendly. The UL94 V-2 rating guarantees high safety standards and fire-retardant properties. Upgrade your classroom seating with our Arc Community Swivel Chair with Arm Tablet and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, durable, and safe educational chair with added convenience.

Dimensions: 710 X 630 X 900

  • The Arc chair is part of a limited number of products that have been certified to both parts 1 & 2 of the education standard BS EN 1729, specifying strength, stability and ergonomic requirements.
  • Arc is a robust, single shell, injection moulded chair – multipurpose and versatile with various leg sets and colour palettes from which to choose.
  • It is 100% recyclable, has a fire resistant additive and contains an antimicrobial additive which is proven to kill bacteria whilst also inhibiting fungal growth. The polypropylene material is lightweight, durable, easy to clean and has a weight tolerance of 115kg.
  • Arc uses compound curves to engineer comfort, ergonomics, and strength, with multipurpose accessories like bag bases and personal workspaces (arm tablets) available that help keep your space your own.
  • The Arc is designed for classrooms, conference rooms, seminar halls, education and modernised office spaces.
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